Tuesday, 8 November 2011

103 : Ma duck

Its been so long since i spent money to buy anything just for the sake of making myself happy. So today, i decided to to buy soft toy duck.. since ducks are so freaking cute!!
Woke up early in the morning to go midvelley. My god.. The whole building.. i found only 2 shops that sell ducks.. Such a disappointment!!
The second i found the duck! I got so excited!! It was so freaking cute!! but i was a little hesitance.. Should i buy?? It was 80 bucks..
Then suddenly.. a couple walked by me, picked up the exact duck i put down a min ago and started checking the quality and all.
In my mind :"OMFG!! DONT BUY IT, DONT BUY IT!! PLEASE!! I WANT THE YELLOW DUCK!!!! TAKE THE BLACK ONE!!" (it was the last duck..)
As if my prayers were answered.. They put down the duck!!
Swiped the duck the second they left and ran to the counter to pay! haha!

Its just so cute!! With a small quote by the side saying "Give me a hug!"

Anyways! The reason to buy a duck? To

Cuddling my new duck to a nap,
Ck <3


  1. Aww.. shooooo cute! Hahahah! Classic example of not really wanting something until someone wants it too.

  2. Woah haha that's a big duck :P
    Why so specifically getting a duck? Some kind of significance?

  3. as long as you are happy, why not?

  4. omg!! So cute!!! I want it too!!

  5. i have 6 snoopy by my side, wuahaha

  6. To vin, i know right!!

    To J-boy, i needed something to hug mah.. haha

    To Thompsonboy, =]]

    To Khai, haha, the duck or me?? LOL!~

    To tuls, what teaser?.. -.-'' What you want to see?. haha

    To Chen Xing, Thank you!

    To Orange, haha, i banyak softtoys also! XD

  7. LOL I want the duck! My mum throw away mine gar field jor...T_T

  8. To Khai, OMG!! The disposal of softtoys.. PLAIN EVIL!! haha!! I cannot share my duckie! >< Go buy! haha

  9. very evil! I'm going to hunt something soon.. :)