Saturday, 19 November 2011

106 (111) : Free meal??

There is no such thing as a free meal..
Today my mum decided to go for expensive food to fictionally celebrate a joyful occasion -American express crediting the bank account with Rm250 extra.. 
So use the Rm250 to pay for the food? XD
I know.. Sounds so evil and greedy but cant blame us what... been years we went to celebrate anything. XD

So decided to go lobster man! haha, been 4 years since we been there!
They have crayons for you to scribble the tables!! hm...  what did i scribble?
Escargot!~ XD

Mushroom soup~

Lobster thermidor with butter we forgot to use..

Garlic lobster.

Spaghetti and cheese & Rice and cheese!

Complementary tea and jelly dessert! 
The meal was AWESOMMEEE!!

Anyways.. when we tried paying with the american express card, it was rejected.. Haha! Karma is a bitch right??  I burst out laughing and told my mum,
"See la!! Now need to pay with hard earn cash !!"

And now we decided im going to pay the bill with the flashmob pay im getting.. ><!


Anyways, flashmob today was fun! We had to paint out faces and hands with the matching colour of what we were wearing.
I wore white..
All those who wore black!!
They had to paint their faces charcoal black! EPIC FUNNY!! Will upload some photos soon.

Till then,


  1. Wow~~ I was suppose to go and try at this place but didnt manage to xD. Seems like the food's really awesome! :D

  2. Err..mind if I asked which restaurant you went to ?

  3. To alex, go go!! nice food! :P

    To Chen Xing, i think its full name is called "The Lobsterman Homarus Americanus". =D

  4. omg, the food is so tempting ~~ Nxt time can go there liao ~

  5. Mmm mmm Lobster thermidor!!! My absolute favourite :3

  6. something out of the topic here, yayyyy, i am ur 30th follower~~` xD

  7. hehe one thing I like about going to Lobster Man is that they take Polaroid pics for the diners!
    I haven't been there in like a year i think.. do they still take the picture? :P

  8. Oh wow. Looks good.. I waaaaaaaaanT!