Sunday, 6 November 2011

101 : The penis clam??

 Went for a steamboat buffet dinner in ss2 today. Rm27 for all you can eat buffet steam boat. =]
They had this clams called the jackknife clam as google has now informed me.. I had eaten them lots of times before but this time.. upon closer inspection.. I realize they look like a penis..  Does it to you?? haha

Just had to take a picture..

Tasted horrible though.. They dint clean it properly hence the black sandy center that was totally gross! Felt so bad, toke about 5 of them and dint eat any of them..
Anyways. Dinner there was awesome! Its called Plus One or something.. Go check it out! =D

Still very full,


  1. Ewww never seen anything like this before!

    LOL when i first saw your post title, I actually thought it was 'penis clamp'... like some sort of sex toy/tool used to straighten or hold the penis XD

  2. i have seen it , its called bamboo clams

  3. There goes my appetite for seafood now...


  4. go and check for Phallus Inpudicus.. hehe, this is more.. penis like

  5. Omg there is some resemblance! But.. so small!! Check out geoduck! Never fails to amuse me. Haha.

  6. Hahahahaha LOL

    the strange things that live in the ocean.