Tuesday, 8 November 2011

102 : Mixed rants.

1. Children
Only yesterday i commented on someone's blog saying i really don't like little kids. There are super annoying etc etc. But something changed that today. So my Singaporean cousin came to visit with their son. Just a little boy around 3 or 4 years old. He calls me "叔". Haha, so freaking cute the way he calls me!! Okay, i was still terrified of him. What if i do something, and he cries or something??
Anyways, today while we were walking to a restaurant for dinner, being a little kid, he was running along the black tiles against the white ones. So naturally his dad told him don't go running around, hold someone's hand. Then the little boy came over to me and reach for my hand. AWWWWWWWWW!! My heart melted!
So after spending some time with "khai khai", i find that little children are an okay for me now.. as long as they are brought up properly.

2. Self Control
Resist the urge to sms "I miss you". Before the glue dries and is strong enough, dont touch the broken heart pieces.

3. Gaga
Lady gaga's performance in the EMA!! The screen shots looks amazing!! but.. I cant bring myself to watch it.. Each time i hear gaga's songs.. reminds me of him and how he loves gaga. I still can recall his voice singing You and I.. i cant..

4. Regarding my post 101
Okay.. few people says their appetite was ruin by the bamboo clam (thanks ooi2009!), so i decided to post some pictures of my favorite dish i ate just now.. XD
Sang har noodles!!

The prawn...

To die for!! The waitress stood there for a good 2 mins wondering if she should change my plate cause i was clearly done with the dish but was scrapping the little pieces of meat from the shell.. haha

The only reason i toke this picture cause i really liked the platting..

The most unique thing i've eaten tonight.. Fish scale jelly with lychee and lime. Oddly it tasted wonderful! The jelly practically melts in your mouth and has this tangy fishy taste but at the just right amount.. Awesomeness!! 

Short and Sweet,


  1. children are angels when they are well brought up, haha, and seems to me, this looks to be filled with emo-ness compared to happiness, cheer up ^^Y

  2. omg , so fast broken up , its a pity lah