Saturday, 12 November 2011

107 : Day Trip!~

Day trip!!!
Although sexuality merdeka was cancelled, a few of my friends still wanted to check it out the venue if there was anything hidden going on and i got invited to follow!
So anyways, met in college around 11 and we walked to subang ktm station in the rain..
My god.. The ktm toke a good 20 minutes to arrive.
First time using the ktm in so long.. The women's carriage is just so weird...
Decided to eat in KL central. This restaurant waitress trying to pull customers in was like "Leng chai!~ Makan sini la.. Sini sedap!"
Too bad it doesnt work on us hor?? If a cute guy did it.. then maybe i'll go in?.. haha

So anyways, we reached central market. It was quite amusing to me, i've been to central market so often and the 3 of the 4 other friends had never been there before. Like bringing tourist there, they started touching this and that.. A few times i actually turned by back and say "I dont know you, i'll be there when you are done" and "Dont Sakai Pleasee!!"

Initially, we planned to send the two straight ones from our group to check out the venue in case we get detained or something.. We dint know what to expect.. The place had a police in full uniform standing around.

Unfortunately, the place was closed, we then proceeded to camwhore in the old style lift at the Annexe gallery. Going up and down the lift just to get the best picture, haha!
Basically since it was closed, we just hanged out the whole day, chatting and joking away. It was really fun getting to know each other better.

Overall i was quite disappointed it was close.. If only the government would be more open about everything. So call members of the united nations and they cant even delivery basic human rights..

Was really happy seeing alot of my straight friends defending and commenting on the seksualiti merdeka "fan page" though. Its really nice to see that they are so many guys and girls that are accepting. All those homophobic assholes, why do you have to dish out the hate on a fan page? Why cant they just leave everything alone? Dont say anything if you got nothing nice to say right?

Since i cant make it this year.. Maybe next year?

Ps.. I dint bring ducky to central market.. i was scared he got stolen.. lol


  1. it will follow digi away! :)

  2. u can be the host for the next event, LOL

  3. ^ I think Orange will better a host. If Orange host, I confirm go XD

  4. Kaylex, when you host...make sure bring the ducky along XD

  5. My old self would've made a big hoo-ha about the oppression of queer rights. But now I think I'm so over it already. I didn't even bother to find out what was going on. Haha. And now I feel bad. Blehh..