Wednesday, 2 November 2011

98 : Numb

Numb.. Stressed.. Frustrated.. Annoyed..
I'm getting very moody and emo because of the weather..
Because of exams.. because of the direction my life is going..
Because imy..

My eyes hurt..
When i go to sleep.. i see you..
I have the similar dreams as the past..
Every single time..

Part of me refuse to believe..
I'm holding on..
I'm doing things that conflicts with everything i want to do..
I dont believe..
I need to focus..



  1. Let's go out, do something thrilling...

  2. Somewhere between stage 1, and stage 2 dear. You will be fine :) I know it.

  3. Take it easy.. I've learned that thinking too much about things and being emo about it can actually deteriorate the situation rather than fix it. I've on the verge of losing everything now. It's really difficult and I pray that you won't have to go through what I have (and still am). Le sigh...

    Chen Xing, oh please count me in. I need some time out as well! x(