Monday, 21 November 2011

112 : Roses bloom..

I am extremely fascinated with flowers, roses in particular.
During the flash mob for cadbury wishes event on saturday, we were given flowers to "welcome" the contest winner for his special birthday surprise.

Okay, side track for a while. The flash mob!
It isn't really a flash mob, we had to paint our faces and even the emcee announced there was going to be a flash mob. So much for the surprise? 

*Image removed*
Tada!! Quite wtf right?..

So after the flashmob there were extra bouquets of flowers, and i toke a bouquet of roses home for my mum(no one wanted it because it was full of thorns).
Such a beautiful flower and it has thorns..
So poetic right?? haha
My mum was so happy and excited! The second she got home she started preparing the roses.
The way the roses bloom is just breathtaking..
The amount of leaves and thorns we removed..

First day..
Second day..
Today! It bloomed so beautifully!

Yes, i am easily amused, and often labelled as a mama's boy.. >.<!

Being you, would you love getting flowers as a gift?

Would love get your opinions.
Till then.


  1. Yup. Longing for a bouquet of flowers as well.

  2. Me too! Flowers from a gentlemen would be such a lovely gesture :)

  3. nope.. i dont like stuffs that are one time gone kinda thing... stuffs that are impermanent.. food and living things for example..

    me more like superficial yet realistic stuffs like clothes and perfume and bags... lol...

    but i would give/send them to people i like.. hahaha.. ironic kan? lol

  4. Yes! I love flowers! And the roses look so beautiful in the photo!!

  5. To Chen Xing, I send you one, you send me one can?.. haha, longing for one too!

    To Khai, =D

    To Jboy, Im sure you will get one soon! XD

    To Tuls, haha not really ironic la.. haha, i guess im just hopeless romantic.. ><!

    To Aiden, thanks! Drying them right now. :)