Friday, 2 March 2012

162 : Sexist???

Why is it that girls can hold hands on public and guys cant?

All the time in Malaysia and now in Australia, i see girls holding hands walking around and no one stares or says anything. Even when it is clearly a lesbian couple, having one tomboy and one taking on the girl role, no one really bothers and take a second look.

Having 2 guys hold hands and people will stare and talk. Words will fly and a scene will begin followed by look backs and glaring eyes at the couple.

Couples in Australia hold hands and kiss in public all the time. Something you dont see really often in Malaysia.

During Valantines Day this year, i saw this 2 guys holding hands walking around the city with a rose on one of the other hand. Felt quite happy seeing how sweet the couple was. Just made me wish I could hold the hand of someone special during that day.

Anyways, I still salute on how brave the couple was. Guess when you are really with someone that makes you happy, you wont care what people thinks. Heh. I wish i can hold penguins hand again..

My point is, i feel that its unfair that society looks at gay couples and lesbian couples so differently. At least from what i see...




  1. I saw that fine printing there, your wish :p

    sigh reminds me of J where he always want kiss overdose even on the corners of closed shops when we walk around CBD, holding hands on some corners of the streets

  2. Don't forget, LeoNut v2.0. Le penguin can't resist you then. (:

  3. I can give you a mini lecture on gender studies 101, but to put it simply it all goes back to our conception of power and identity, specifically the heteronormative power structures which have governed our world for the past couple of centuries or so. According to these standards, males (or rather, men) were thought to embody the ideal form of sexuality and gender.

    Being a male was to be the "perfect" sexual being in this way and therefore "naturally" superior to women. As such, it is not really that big a deal when women do not adhere to the sex-gender-sexuality matrix because there is this collective subconscious understanding in society that women are "inferior" by these hetero normative standards anyway. When men - who have been on the top of the hierarchy and therefore "perfect" - act out against this, however, the effect is a lot more subversive because it destabilizes the "natural" dominance of the male gender. Which is precisely why society (which is predominatly patriarchal) has instilled these "invisible" counter measures in which people are more likely to act out against deviant male sexuality instead.