Thursday, 22 March 2012

177 : A Ring.

When i grow up. 
I want to stand in front of close friends and family, 
Wearing a tux,
I want to to kiss my fiance,
Have a romantic banquet,
And wake up with a ring on my finger everyday,
With him right next to me.

Recently a close blogger sent me a link to a video of a same sex marriage. They were so sweet it seriously warmed my heart to see both of them wearing suits with friends and family around them, all happy to be there to witness the bond they had. They were all so supportive..

Guess when i grow up i really want to get married..
If the country forbids, fly to another country!

I'm only human and i would really love to have a wedding like anyone else. To have a night dedicated to just me and him. To have our first dance together in each other's arms and everyone there..

Just a video that always made me smile. :)



  1. Another country that is.

    What kind of wedding will it be ?

    1. I want a white garden one.. lol.
      But who knows la.. ><

    2. I love the setting at the beginning where they met on ferry from Circular Quay [near sydney opera house] then luna park

  2. Watched it the second time, almost made me cry.

  3. This reminds me of the pathetic me. I kept desired for a man's comfort, till the stage where i would settle with a man who could offer me a one night comfort. Aiks!! Is there such thing?

  4. I think it's romantic and awesome and all, and I think I once wanted something like this but now I'm all old and cynical and old and old. -_______-