Tuesday, 27 March 2012

179 : My generation.

I'm sure most of you Malaysians, Singaporeans or Indonesians have watched this already,
Yes i know, i am a bit slow with all these, forgive me for being busy.

My generation.
This video just brought be back 10 years.
When i was in primary school,
Standard 1 and 2,

I remember before class started we used to play that eraser game,trying to "eat" each other's erasers but with pokemon erasers. The school bookshop used to sell them for 20sens a small pokemon eraser, 50sens for the big ones. It dint matter the colours were way off, pikachu having a green cheek or charizard being pink, it was still a game. Believing the erasers to have a sort of power, one guy was popular with his powerful eraser that no one could win.

Another game would be stapling the bottom of the erasers, or stabbing a mechanical pencil lead into the eraser, allowing it to glide across the table and knocking the opponent's eraser off the table and being declared the winner. There was a set back though, the erasers would break often and or your paper getting dirtier when you decide to use the lead part of the eraser to erase something.

Pepsi Cola One Two THREE! Everyone jumped out 3 steps on each count, making the circle bigger before the game master attacks the adjacent person with a swipe of the feet, trying to hit the foot of his victim. The suspends of not knowing how the attack was going to happen just kills you when you are the remaining two left in play!

The game they played in the bus, batu seremban, Jump rope, lolipop lipstick, PJK(outdoor games), everything they did on the video just makes me miss home more. Our youth, our generation grew up with these games but all these memories stored away long forgotten. I love this video, makes me feel young again, makes me remember the times when we were carefree, where everyone was a friend and school was where everyone was.

Did this video trigger any forgotten memories for you?



  1. i was laughing watching the videos. it's soooo full of childhood memories..

  2. During my time the mineral water bottle was not common.