Thursday, 29 March 2012

181: The little funny things

Was talking to Malimo on skype one day. Left my skype chatbox on and went to take a bath.
When i got back.

Mum: "Eh.. Who is that guy in the picture?"
Leo:    "Er.. A friend.. Why?"
Mum: "He looks so big size and muscular!"
Leo:    "Em.. Yea.. He is..."
Mum:  "Okay."

AWKWARD!!! At least he changed his picture and my mum went back to Malaysia now huh?
♥ Malimo!

Was in a Supermarket magazine section with Sister.

Sis: " These magazine is so stupid, it says you can win one of these free gift inside and you can feel what is inside. This one is clearly an eyeliner.. Hm.. Where is my Cleo?"

She picked up a cleo magazine and it so happens this months is the bachelor month, having the front cover of two almost nude male models posing with a girl. The magazine also has a small booklet wrapped together with the front words reading "Top 50 Bachelors" or something with alot of skin on the cover.

Sis:   "Oh my god.. the booklet!"
Leo: " Oooooo... (Reach out for a magazine)"
Sis:   "NO!"
Leo:  "But.."
Sis:   "NO NO NO NO NO"
Leo: "The booklet..."
Sis:   "LETS GOO!!! "
Leo: "Fine..."

In Uni waiting for an event to starts at 7pm.

Lex: "Eh... I hungry.. "
Leo: "So?..."
Lex: "Follow me to the candy machine. Put in 1$ and turn to get the candy right?"
Leo: " Yea.
Lex: "Okay! I want to M&M's!"
Leo: "But got skittles wor..."
Lex: "Eh! I wantt! Eh.. why cannot put in the coin in one?.."
Leo: "Dunno.. (Turns the knob) EH!! Got skittles coming out! I think the person before dint take!"
Lex: "Get a bag!"

We turned, and turned, and turned the knob.. Candy fountain..
The machine was spoiled. And what do we do?.
6 Bags full of skittles. Free!~
Each of us toke one bag and practically empty out the machine!

Guess who is getting a candy rush tonight while studying?. lol!

Sugar Rush!
Fcking lots of Love,

*Teehee* ♥


  1. Malimo is big & muscular eh...

  2. Aiyooo do want also those skittles!!

    1. haha, come aussie i give to you. =D

  3. I shall change my skype picture back to that one again then XD

  4. Oooo.... Malimo is big and muscular? Woof! Hahaha!

  5. ooo malimo is big and muscular? x wonder so popular and hot one...

    p.s. i hate when the vending machine does that. put the coins in but the jajan never come out stuck some more..

    1. Lol, get to know him la.

      What.. The vending machine gave us free stuff la.. How can you hate that? Malaysia's vending machine always got problems.. lol