Wednesday, 7 March 2012

167 : Disbelieve

After yesterday's talk with my sister, she still told me she still keeps her stands on how people are gay.

She doesn't believe that being gay is what we are born to be or rather a choice where we can choose who we are attracted to.

I know everyone is going to be like :

"Do you think we choose to be born into a life of discrimination?"

But when I heard what she said, it really opened up eyes to a different prospective of this topic, something that has never crossed my mind before.

Taking celebrities for example, Angelina Jolie, there have been reports that she had turned lesbian, again, and had an affair with her first love, a lesbian supermodel called Jenny Shimizu. Through the years there have also been many reports of men, leaving their spouses for the people of the same gender. I would really love to give examples but I'm really tired to find them.. The way i see all these breakups are the people finally having the courage to come out from their staged life and pursue their happiness but what the public sees is them presumably suddenly became gay. Adding to the perception of being gay is a choice.

So that little fact has been accepted by my sister as the reason being gay is a choice. Anyways, i wouldn't try to change her mind set. Will just let her be at the moment.

She did mention that she hopes in 5 or 10 years i can actually hold my boyfriend's(If i do have one) hand in public in Malaysia. Imagine in about 5 years ago, phones were only used for sms and calls, now its touch screen with facebook and twitter. Who knows about the future?

Pray for the best,
Love always,


  1. Yes, positive thoughts.

    It'd be kinda hard to convince someone that being gay isn't a choice when they've already set their mind on some other theory. But the fact that she's okay with you being gay is a really good thing I guess. (:

  2. As long what she think about gay doesn't affect her love to u, everything be fine =)

  3. My sis said, Gay is a trend.. Another wtf for me! :D

  4. Me too believe that we are born with it.


    *Live life proud*

  5. haha the phone example is totally a different thing! XD

    Technology advances rapidly, and that's a norm. Ppl do expect things to get more and more high tech & intelligent & fast & convenient.

    But society's mindset on core issues such as relationships and gender roles etc... that's not gonna change any time soon, if ever.. :/

    1. jboy, you still got lots to learn... lollllll.. hahahahahaha.... kidding kiddin...

  6. always hope for the best, for all of us :)

  7. really happy for you having a sister who loves you as a whole... :)

  8. i guess sometimes, in this life, we just want acceptance from our loved ones for everything that we are...