Tuesday, 20 March 2012

176 : .

Dint realize it but today marks the 4th month since i first met you penguin..
I miss you lots..
I hate how we are drifting apart like this..

Just been feeling a bit down lately..
Once in a while breaking down just feels alright..

Maturity holds my feelings,
Childishness holds my heart.

For now i guess i need to calm myself and focus..

Happy Anniversary Dear..

Loving you,
Leo to Penguin.


  1. Nothing to do with the post actually, but I'd much rather you removed the ipod thing on your blog >.< it's kinda @.@ when I'm already listening to my own music.

    Now something to do with the post, time to grow up I guess? >.< It's not always a bad thing, I swear! For one, it helps you get through these moments a lot better!

  2. try doing something that makes you really happy when u r down :)

    or maybe just hanging out with friends :)

  3. happy anniversary..
    do something fun just to celebrate it ( doesnt matter not doing it with him )
    cheers :)