Tuesday, 13 March 2012

172 : Life

I met with my sister's friend today.
A tall guy, abundantly wealthy from what i've heard, very good looking too.
But what really caught my attention was his maturity.

I sat in the back seat of his car while he picked us up to go home. Our car had problems and he was conveniently nearby. He talked to my sister's boyfriend about studies and all while i sat there quietly, listening to them. Everything he said, i could get a strong aura of confidence and determination. He had already planed his life 30 years into the future(written down) and been going for countless talks and meeting people that can help him in his future. He recently met a woman from Bloomberg during a convention and had gotten advice from her about stocks and also a few matured stock players.

Where am i going to be in 5 years?? Not to mention even 30 years.

Yes i know i am still young but can i even afford a few years of slacking off? People are worrying about jobs, studies and the economy and where am i, worrying about my relationship. Such a stupid priority now that I'm thinking about it. Very very stupid indeed. Even talking to a close friend yesterday, he told me about priorities in life and how most people are prioritizing the wrong things. Did not realize how I'm one of those hopeless ones. I'm doing all the stupid things, posting stupid pictures on facebook and thinking about popularity.

By 21, few years from now. I set a goal for myself. I will get my priorities straight. I will know what I'm going to be in the next years, I will become selfish or not, less selfless, I will strive to achieve my life goals. I know I cant change myself over night but I will make some changes in my life from this minute on.

I will own my own business, I will enjoy what i do,
And I will never be burden by financial constraints.
With or without a partner, i will be happy with my life.
My definition of success.

Future comes before relationships.

A promise I made to myself,


  1. So long there's a goal, there will be ways to achieving it.

    I do have some long terms plans, two or three up in my mind. Not too many, as I don't want to over-work myself.


  2. in the near future, i wanna buy an apartment first, then rent it out, then buy a bigger house, then, buy stocks....complete my collection of snoopy and probably open my own cafe~ wuahahahaha

  3. grow and mature with your age, else you'll miss out a lot of things in life. enjoy doing things that you can do in your 20's cause once you're over this decade, you'll never get it back. have a plan, but always make room for changes. the only constant in life is its inconsistency. most successful ventures are those that are radical and constantly change while the ones which got stagnant in time has faded away - my two cents worth :)

  4. make a plan, try stick to it but at the same time, enjoy life..sometimes we might be looking forward too much that we simply miss what's in front of us..future is uncertain but present is here =)

  5. I'll decide mine when I finally choose what I can do. By the way, what you plan might not turn out as sweet in normal days. It's nice to have plan Bs, or Cs even just in case.

    True story.

  6. don't worry. When it comes, it comes.
    It takes time to find out what you really want to do for your entire life, the thing that you are willing to spend your whole life striving for.
    Keep that in your mind, and enjoy uni life, enjoy studying, enjoy learning new skills and knowledge. You will eventually realise that wow, it is just right in front of you.
    Even if you have already had a plan for the next 30years of your life, everything might change over a night when smth happens. So yea, dont worry. :)

    And yea, it is always good to start with setting some goals. so that you have something to work hard for.