Sunday, 25 March 2012

178 : Gay Partner

Whats with straight guys and their love of having a "gay partner"?..
Is it like an award to them?

I'm awfully flattered i've been called their gay partner in a few occasions but it just makes it awkward sometimes..

  1. Walking with a gay friend when suddenly a close straight friend "EHHH!~~ MY GAY PARTNER!! WHATSAPP MAN!!!", and comes and hug me. Leaving my friend just staring at me wondering what the hell is happening. My secret relationship that i've kept from everyone? I wish. (Always liked this guy and still do.. haha!)

  2. Infront of my sister, my friend was staying over because it was too late for him to get home. "Eh.. Sleep here with me la.. Then i can gay with you tonight." Really?.. Just awesome. Wonder what was going through my sister's mind that time..

  3. Went to the beach with a society that I've joined. Having my closes college friend there, naturally we were playful, jumping on each other's back and taking pictures together. The whole trip was fun! Playing at the beach with new friends and a few old friends.
    It was till after the trip.. 2 girls came up to me in separate occasions and asked "Are you two together?.."
    HECK NO!!
    Then when i told a girl senior that i was close to, she went "Omg! I thought the same thing too! I asked XX and XX about it!". 
    Whats the best part is the guy goes "Yea la, leo my gay partner mah, right leo??"

As much as i want someone in my life right now, guess i need to be more patient. The most unexpected friend gave me hope and really brighten up my day. So my boyfriend. I know you are out there waiting for me waiting for you while you wait for me to find you and you find me.

Brighton Beach!

Lots of love always,


  1. I wouldn't know how to feel if I were you either. Hahahha!

    1. Just stare and smile. Lol, where do you stay??? I shall go stalk you!

  2. Replies
    1. Bitch! I havent eaten that is so long.. Hungaryyyy

  3. Maybe that's his way of suggesting something further to you? Or perhaps he's just trying really hard to be politically correct. You should tell him, outlining certain stereotypes about a person, and constantly feeling the need to proclaim it out to the world is as bad as hating a person for that trait.

    It's like saying you are not racist on the one hand... but then feeling the need to stress on the point of how many "INDIAN" or "MALAY" or "BLACK/AFRICAN" friends you have. The very fact that you feel the need to stress on their races makes it very clear that you lump these "people" as inherently "different" to you because of their racial makeup and thus makes you as racist as the former. And the same goes with supposedly "non homophobic" people.

    On the other hand, as was said in the Yasmin Ahmad film... if you're not hating someone because of it... what's the problem? And I suppose, this could be his way of coping as well? Perhaps stressing the fact that you are gay is his way of trying to show you (however misinformed he may be) that he is okay with it... taking that in mind, though, there is always the need to consider the initial scenario... and perhaps he is just not as "okay" or "comfortable" with it as he may like to think he is.

    Final explanation, he's just socially retarded and he can't help being an inappropriate dummy sometimes.

    ps. I see you're all "OUT" now that you're in Aussie huh?! :)

    best regards,

    1. I'm not out la.. I'm deeper in the closet then ever, practically in Narnia still..

  4. Ah, now that's iconic. Those colorful little sheds.

  5. PMg...this is such a night mar right? Nevertheless it is quite flattering and it makes you smirks. Well no stress though. If he is going too sticky till the uncomfortable level then just prompt him about it.

    1. Yea, will take a stick and whack him if he gets annoying. :)

  6. The only Australian beach I've been to was St. Kilda... and that was in autumn!

  7. Ohh!! St.Kilda has the cutest penguins! xD