Thursday, 8 March 2012

169 : Penguin

Dear Penguin..

I'm not sure if you will find/found my blog..

I'm still really confuse on what I'm suppose to do now..
When I'm alone and not feeling well, which seems to be really often, i always feel like talking to you..
Not sure if you are busy but i always feel like you are purposely neglecting me..
It really hurts..

In the past week... I walked by about 3 people that looked like you.. Or at least my brain told me they did.. I literally looked back in excitement only to realize how stupid i feel.. I never felt so disorientated before..

You told me our friendship will never die off.. but now.. it feels like it was never there..
Saw you in my dream again today morning..

I've never missed someone so deeply before..

Give me time penguin.. and I'll let you go like you asked.. I really really need time.. :'(

I Cried whenever I listen to this song..

Goodbye my lover.. Goodbye my friend,
You have been the one for me..

Love always and forever,