Monday, 12 March 2012

171 : You remembered!!

"I thought you forgot about me liao. haha!"
Like are you fucking serious? I have only felt this degree of annoyance and frustration when this supposedly "smart" comeback to my greetings have been used on me. What the hell is wrong with people??

Its always like this. Am i the one that is expected to initiate conversation?? Why cant you start it? A few months ago I private message a friend and his first respond was "Wah!! You remember me!! Can open a bottle of champagne already". I just felt so annoyed. And here today another one gives me the same bullshit!

I just feel so frustrated I'm like always the one that wants to keep the friendships. End of form 5, everyone goes "Keep in contact k? Will meet up often and all". SUCH A FUCKING LIE!! Seriously, I'm starting to not bother keeping in contact with people already.

So call best friends of high school. I private message them asking how they are and they give me all these one worded answers and then no reply. So that 5 years together was a bloody set up?

Before I came to Australia i called a "close" friend asking her if she could met up with me before i left. Just to catch up and talk. She told me "ohh!! I will call you next week and tell you when okay? Can call the whole gang too! Shall meet up before you leave k?" It dint bloody happened. She dint even bother telling me if she was free.

All this friendship crap is fucking NONSENSE!! I am so bloody frustrated. Why cant you guys be the one that look for me instead of me for you? Am i that insignificant in your life? All the time spent together just down the drain? I feel so stupid even trying to talk to you all when you all obviously don't even put effort into talking to me.

Dont fuck with me with all these "You remember me!" crap when I talk to you.
I'm already bloody down on my relationship status, I dont need you to add on.
My patients to these poppycock shit is drawing very very thin.


  1. hahaha... i feel the bitchy wrath terkeluar!! me likes!! release it once and for all and you'll be fine...

    thinks dont always go your way la.. not everyone is as boomz as you.. so chillax la.. dont stress yourself with all these unnecessary stuffs.. you got more important things to prioritize like who to target next, which guy to sleep with etc.. so yea.. :) lol

  2. The "Leo Bitch" shall change your "leo nut". Got me mixed up with my friends facebook.

    But hey, it wasn't a setup, they were befriend with you because they want something from you, think again [trying to poison Leo Nut]

    1. so bad lah u.... don't poison him leyy

  3. look like this post is the build-up of all the rage u accumulated so far..nice tag u gave them there..some really dont know how use their head or brain when talk and chat

    shrug them aside and continue ur life as usual =)

  4. hmmm.... maybe because they have their current circle of friends that they tend to forget the circle they once had? neverheless the very meaning of friendship (as according to my school councillor anyway) is giving things without expecting anything in return..but, if they make a promise to contact u, they should lah. cannot just leave u hanging like that..

  5. it happens all the time, even in my life. like my best bud says, let those who you don't want them to be in your life leave, and just embrace with those who you wish to be in your life.

    whether or not, their existence and being are not of your concern.

  6. I mean, I would rather go solo than to meet re-unite with high school buddies. Keeping a few (those worth keeping) as friends will be suffice.

    Otherwise, better get a boyfriend and cuddle with him.


  7. you haven't met your friends yet...genuine friends will keep in touch regardless. and in some weird freaking way, they will contact you when you are down and cheer you up - happens to me all the time. i just got my call of the day when i so needed it

  8. chill :) omg, i did the same to you too. LOL! Maybe they just busying doing their things or whatever. Anyway, if they did that to you then you should not talk to them anymore. Their existence are not of your concern. :)