Thursday, 15 March 2012

173 : I know.

You know i would want to be more then friends with you.
But distance prohibit, you and i know its not possible.

But hey! We both have our own things to focus on.
Its been more a month since I got here and things been really lightening up.
Been getting to know people, lectures and studies are seemingly fun with the diversity here and cooking with sister and brother has been full of surprises and excitement.

I wont lie to you,
I still think about you too often through out the day.
Really wished you were here to walk this new path with me,
Hand in hand along the way like how we used to hold hands,
But i suppose this is a path I'm suppose to walk alone for now.

I really hope if you find someone, that person will love you more then i love you,
Will never do a single thing to hurt you,
Will never be a bad influence to you,
Will always stay loyal to you,
and always make you feel happy loved as you have to me.
And this applies to you to him too!

Love you Penguin. More then i ever did.

Right now, I open my heart and kept the huge part you have touched somewhere private and safe.
When the time is right, if it stays untouched and we cross paths again, I'll give that part to you completely.

But for now,
I'll suppress all the thoughts, feelings and fantasies and get through the priorities of life.

Love you always Penguin,


  1. The first two lines, it's so relevant to me 2 years back.

    Reading the 3rd line, I still can't focus on my own things.


  2. wah so mature overnight XD

  3. that is good to hear..u are enjoying life there..can see from the pictures u been uploading =) but keep some childish part too..dont be too mature ^^

  4. *sob sob* You're growing up :)

    I see that as a very good sign. *hugs*