Saturday, 17 March 2012

174 : Wiggle~

Joined a flashmob recently..
The choreography was the most retarded I've ever learnt,
Music cutting was worst then a beginner, using fade in's and fade outs for dance..

However, despite it being so sucky, i still manage to have fun..
Someone caught my heart with his wiggling skills..
The cutest wiggle i have ever seen!! haha
I had to take a video!

The way he wiggles! Adding the fact that he has one of the cutest smile I've seen in a while and he smiles while wiggling!

Hope i get to know him more..


P.s. Yea, noticed i have been more mature since i got here.. But i shall have an on/off switch for myself. Usually its off when I'm around malaysians.. or someone cute... lol!


  1. waaa... face piiiiic.... pm me XD

  2. looks cute from the back, and the way he wiggle, wiuwit~~~~~~~~ saliva drooling~ wuahahaha

  3. is this the flashmob near fed square?? ^^