Thursday, 29 March 2012

180 : Names?

Ever forget names of people? Just bloody awkward.
Today i was talking to a familiar face when my sister said:

"Introduce me!"

I dint know her name and just responded with "No" and thank god she introduce herself to my sister.. God i sound like a horrible person.

Last year when my friend Nic and were the coordinators of a dance performance piece the funniest thing happen. We both were writing down names of the male and female dancers on the mirror that were involved in the dance. I knew everyone there except for a very non-active dance club member.
So anyways, Nic was writing down the names when suddenly.

Nic : "Hey, can you write the remaining guys name?" 

She passed me the market pen and i casually toke it as i stared at the list of names of male dancers..
One missing.. The guy i dint know! It was so awkward, standing infront of everyone while they were just sitting there waiting for Nic and i to complete the list including him..

Leo : "Aiya.. I'll write the girls names down."

When i completed it, he actually called my name and told me i missed out his name. In my mind i was like "DAMNNNN!!! I'm going to sound so horrible when i tell him i don't know his name".

Leo :" Eh Nic!~ Take the marker and write his name~ i go settle the music"

That moment, i could see her face change. She gave me the 'How dare you.." face. We both sent each other messages with eyebrown raising and facial twitches. It was so funny, both of us staring at each other giving stupid signs and everyone just stared at us.

The thing lasted quite a while before we got his name. Turns out Nic dint know his name too.. No one did.. Nic had to go ask him. The only reason we feel bad is that he remembers everyone's name but we dint know his. Lol..

Just a memory. Miss Nic a lot. <3

Any problems with names?



  1. Lousy ler you. Teach you one trick I always use ler... Whenever you forget someone's name and you get the golden opportunity to write it down (or type it on your phone to save the contact), ask that person casually "Hey, how do you spell your name again?".


    And if it turns out to be a simple name like "John", you should always think of a quick recovery like "Oh, so it's with a H. I know a few Jon's without the H. So just wanted to make sure".. Haha. =P

    1. i always do that! sometimes when people speak on the phone macam cakap dalam kelambu..

    2. Lol....Ev. C, you must be some kind of secretary back in the high school days jotting down the meeting minutes.

      Hehe...good tips though.

    3. Oh!! Shall try that!! So awkward la.. Like.. "er.. whats your name"
      But i used this a few times before..

      "I know you dont remember my name and i dont remember yours too. So. You are?.." And it works! That person is clearly more clueless in names as me. lol!

  2. Hahaha "how do you spell your name again?" IS the best trick ever!!! ... until that is, the person gives you a really "DUH" kinda face and tells you "L-E-O... do you know any other way to spell Leo?" or something like that. :P

    But yes, the "alternative spelling" is also a very good trick!!!

    In class when I forget someone's name I usually just smile and not my head in their direction with a "Mr..../ Miss...." they usually pick it up and re-introduce themselves.

    The other awkward thing is when you get their names mixed up with similar sounding names... like I have this girl in my class named Gale, and I would constantly refer to her as Gladys, or Grace!!! Another named Natalie that I would sometimes call Nichola by accident. No one seems to care much these days, I think they just think I'm being eccentric... I HOPE!

    1. Tried it before! lol, i used to use "can i have your number?" Then ask "What would you like me to save your name as?" and pray then dont say "My name la!".

      lol, but Mr. and Mrs.? Is too mature to me la.. And you lecturer and afford to not remember names what.. lol

  3. ALL THE TIME!!!!!
    i have my procedure when was approached by members when we're out of the gym :
    1) which gym
    2) what class
    3) then only start GUESSING his/her name
    but normally i'll just tell them i can't remember the name.. blame it on my age...hahaha ;p

    1. Age is not a factor la!! My ability to never remember names comes from my dad's genes. You not that old also! haha

  4. i always thought that i'm the only one with short term memory... but then again i always have problems with names..

    1. Same! It think we just lazy to put effort in.. lol!

  5. A lot of problems..take me half a year usually before i can store someone's name in memory and even that usually will last for a few months only unless we keep bump into each other..haha xD

  6. Wah.. You worst then me.. Lol, if i met the person for the 3rd time i will tell myself 'GET THE NAME! PUT EFFORT!!' and i usually do. Reduce awkward timing. lol!