Thursday, 8 March 2012

168 : Whats on your bed?

Do you have something on your bed that makes people go "AWWWW!! So cute!!", snatches it while you beg and plea them to give it back to you?

No, not your boyfriend or "toys". Something you keep on your bed because it reminds you of a sweet memory. Could be a childhood toy you have successfully defended from the wrath of your mother or an extra soft bright pink heart shaped pillow your loved one gave to you.

In my case, its my yellow ducky. he is always on my bed for my to hug to sleep. It may sound weird, but since i brought him around last time, a lot of friends hugged him and refused to let go. Their scent kinda stayed on ducky, which makes me think of home each time i hug him. His contour makes him just so much hug-gable too!

My cute ducky!!

So whats on your bed?



  1. i once have like a few teddy bears. not big ones but like small, cute2 ones. the moment i went for boarding school, my mum stashed it away in the wardrobe and since i never actually stay at home for more than a few months after that, i din bother to take it out. i once take a look at them and i think they need like a very good washing!

    p.s. that is one cute duck! now where can i find a duck here...

  2. My huge white seal...The first plushie i bought at philip island...they dont even sell it anymore..hahaha xD

  3. my bed is for sleepin and sex.. so no soft toys allowed.. lolllllllll

  4. Nothing cute. Just the basic stuff.


  5. i got 2 things on my bed.. but no one ever say anything about it.. cos nobody ever visited my room :)

  6. I have a purple turtle [like the one on soul232 profile pic but purple and scary-er] and I have two shinchan from Seb, he likes to strip shinchan pants in his sleep.

  7. No soft toys, just a pillow, bolster, and a comforter.

  8. ditto to calvin lor, oh now I need two pillows XD.